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home is everything

The 2021 Impact Report

Our Mission 

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has a decent place to live. 

From our President & CEO:

Dear friends,


With each fiscal year, we find ourselves in the interesting position of having our time divided between calendar years - almost like our fiscal year comprises six months of the past and six months of the present. While this notion is a bit mind-muddling under normal circumstances, it has been even more so with COVID-19 in our midst.


During the first half of fiscal year '21, - while we were still in the unforgiving 2020 - everyone continued with the process of defining what, exactly, the new normal would be. We had to face new and difficult logistical questions - like how do we build a house using volunteer labor with only a few volunteers on-site? And how do we keep those volunteers safe? Or how do we provide our homebuyers with an affordable product when lumber and other construction material prices are through the roof?


With your support, along with the support of our community, we did not succumb to these new challenges - but instead allowed them to build our resolve and carry us into 2021 and through its first six months. With your help, we persisted and ultimately prevailed.


Together, with your combined financial contributions and volunteer time, we completed Celestin & Marie's home - something they had been waiting for for five years. We alleviated critical home repair issues for 13 households in our community, ranging from simple HVAC replacements to a complete home renovation totaling more than $150,000. Our 64 homeowners, whom you have continued to support, made it through with zero defaults or late payments on their mortgages due to COVID. Our ReStore had the most successful year since it began in 1993, helping to offset our

reduced donations.


We've been living in unprecedented times, with our realities changing from day to day. But with those changes, I know some things are constant. For one, there is, and continues to be a need for affordable housing and critical home repair in our Greater Matthews community. The pandemic only continues to amplify that need.


The other thing I know though is that you, our supporters, and volunteers will continue to be the foundation we can build upon as we move into the future.

Warmest Regards,

Natisha Rivera Patrick Signature

Natisha Rivera-Patrick

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Home means a lot to me and my children. For me, if you don't have a home, you have nothing.

-Marie, GMHFH Homeowner

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home is...everything


152 of you gave over 5,000 hours of your time on the construction site, in the ReStore, or by serving on a committee.

you've made it possible for...

people to live in a new decent and affordable home.


families to be warmer, safer, and drier through

our Critical Home Repair program.



children to live in homes with improved air quality, proper sanitation, quiet areas to focus on their education, and outdoor space safe from neighborhood violence.

you helped Macky invest in the future...

“I know that with a Habitat house, we will have the chance to save money and get farther as a family. "

you were a part of our first

two-story home

you've spent...


hours volunteering on our build site, in the ReStore, or on a committee.

you gave Rana a place to jump!

When she was asked what she most looked forward to about her house, she knew her answer right away.  


“I can’t wait to jump!”

when COVID-19 stopped everyone in their tracks.

Despite having to reduce our volunteer labor and temporarily close our ReStore, you remained committed to our work. 

you built back...

in the ReStore ....

you made....


individual donations of your gently used appliances, furniture, housewares, and other items.

you gave....



volunteers hours helping

customers, unloading 

donations, and keeping the ReStore in shape!

of usable material out of landfills through your ReStore donations.

you kept....



you broke....



for highest sales in a day on the first day we reopened from quarantine.

you supported the expansion of our new Critical Home Repair Program into Mint Hill and Stallings.

you gave Moulay the stability that only a home can bring

“Owning a home means to me and my family stabilization, means relaxation, less pressure, comfort, financially we can afford other things and invest in our kids’ futures.”

you've kept...

residents safe and

stable in their current

Greater Matthews

Habitat home.



of property taxes from our current homeowners in the local tax base. 

you built Eliab a safe place to sleep

She had been asleep in bed with her mother when the stray bullet ricocheted into the living room of her family’s apartment. Luckily no one was hurt. Now she can go to bed each night knowing she is safe in her Habitat home.

you were part of...












in our community that supported affordable housing this year.

30 years of building strength, stability, and self-reliance in the Greater Matthews community.

you celebrated...

Thank You spelled out in wooden letters