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helps a family build a better future.

Workplace Giving

Maximize your impact through workplace giving.

We know that when you take the time to give, convenience is key.

Regular contributions from hardworking employees and their employers make a big impact over time by helping families build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

Make your gift go even further

Direct paycheck contributions

Workplace giving campaigns

Matching donations

Matching volunteer hours

Empolyee giving

Give at work.

Direct paycheck contributions

Many workplaces make it simple for employees to make one-time or ongoing donations directly through their paycheck. Ask your employer if your organization has a paycheck giving option.

Workplace giving campaigns

If your workplace participates in giving campaigns, you may be able to choose Greater Mattews Habitat to receive your donation. Here are giving campaigns that may allow you to designate Greater Matthews Habitat as the recipient of your contribution:



Federal, state, and local government employee campaigns

Corporate matching

Make your gift go even further.

Matching donations

Does your employer match charitable contributions made by employees? Many do! With a matching gift, your donation to Habitat might be doubled or even tripled in value. Gifts of stock are also eligible — just like any cash or credit card donation. This kind of employer match maximizes the impact you can have, making your donation go even further.

Matching volunteer hours

Have you volunteered with Greater Matthews Habitat recently? Your employer may choose to reward your community involvement by making a corporate donation based on the time you’ve invested with us. Ask your employer if they match volunteer hours. If they do, you’ll double your impact by swinging a hammer and funding the work being done onsite.

Ask your human resources department today about what opportunities you have for workplace giving!

Need more help?

Send a message to our Development Team or call 704.847.4266 ext. 111

Double the Donation

Other ways your company can support Habitat's mission:

Give new life to surplus goods, office items, or products your company no longer needs, and support the store that builds homes!

Give new life to surplus goods, office items, or products your company no longer needs, and support the store that builds homes!

Does your company produce building materials or provide services that can help Habitat build homes? We’re grateful for these budget-savers!

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An investment of your
time is an investment in our community's future.

Volunteers are the heart of

Greater Matthews Habitat.

Volunteers join us for lots of reasons — to give back to the community they love, to build a stronger team, to learn new skills, or just to spend a little more time outdoors! What they all end up finding is that every hand can make a difference.

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