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can advocate and help more families build strength, stability, and independence.

Third-Party Fundraisers

Raise funds while raising awareness. 

With a little creativity and passion, anyone can become a fundraiser for Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity.  

 By sharing your passion and goal with your friends and family, you can double your impact to increase donations and awareness.

Third-Party Fundraising is an event or activity organized by an individual, company, community group, or organization that is not an official Habitat for Humanity event but donates proceeds from the event to the mission, families, and community at Habitat for Humanity. Fundraising for Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity is a unique opportunity to take a proactive step in serving our community.

Ideas for fundraisers

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celebrate milestones

Birthdays, Weddings,

Family Reunions

Wishing for donations in place of gifts can be a great way to  fundraise. Invite guests to make a donation or a gift equivalent to the typical cost of dinner out.

workplace campaigns

Payroll Deductions, Employee Happy Hours, Casual Fridays

Ask your employer to get involved and hold an office-wide campaign. Double your efforts and see if your employer will match your donations


Sports tournaments, gaming events, or “a-thons”s

Ask family members, neighbors, or friends to sponsor participants to run, walk, spin, bowl, read, dance, or golf. Choose activities that your group would find unique or fun!

school events

Penny Wars, Dress Down Days,

Ticket Sales

Talk to your school about hosting a school-wide fundraising challenge or donating the proceeds of a sporting event.

sale or ticket proceeds

Restaurants, Stores, Benefits

Love shopping (or eating) for a cause? Partner with a local store or restaurant to host an event and donate partial proceeds. Or, hold a bbq, spaghetti dinner, or cake walk and donate ticket proceeds.

go virtual

Crowdfunding, Facebook Fundraisers

Set up your personal fundraising page with GMHFH and send emails to family, texts to friends, and share your fundraiser through social media or host a fundraiser on facebook.

Ready to get started?

Plan your fundraiser in just a few simple steps!


Understand our Mission and Policies

Third-Party Fundraising Kit

GMHFH Logo Usage Guidelines

Fundraising Proposal

Create a Fundraising Page

Here are the answers to the questions we hear the most.

Need more help?

Send a message to our Development Team or call 704.847.4266 ext. 111

Fundraising Proposal
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Why Shelter?

Affordable homeownership creates conditions that free families from instability, stress, and fear.

Wherever we work, we witness tangible evidence that stable, affordable shelter creates positive, long-lasting change for families and entire communities.

Fundraising Proposal

Event type
02:30 PM
Does your event require a license?
Will you be working with any other individuals or groups to support your fundraising efforts?
Will their be other charitable organizaions beneftting from your event?
Will businesses or individuals be contacted for donations?
Do you plan to create marketing materials?
Do you plan to use the GMHFH logo?

Third-party event proposals must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event or activity. Approval will be granted on a per event/promotion basis. Applicants must reapply annually for approval. We review the application to make sure that the fundraising activity complements the mission of Habitat for Humanity and enhances the current, positive image.

Permission must be given by Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity to use our name/logo in conjunction with your event or promotion. Once approved and if appropriate, Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity will provide a copy of our logo via e-mail upon request. Habitat for Humanity must approve all advertising, marketing, and/or publicity that are intended for an external or public audience prior to distribution. 


The event or promotion name must be followed by “In support of”, or “Proceeds to” followed by the Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity logo. Terms of the donation shall be advertised in marketing and promotional materials. This includes: the portion of the ticket price which will be donated, the duration of the fundraiser, and any maximum contribution amount set (ex. 50% of profits, one-time donation of $1,000, or all proceeds). Publicity may not imply that the event is sponsored or co-sponsored by Habitat for Humanity or that Habitat for Humanity is involved as anything but as the beneficiary. The public should be informed how Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity will benefit from the event or promotion. If Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity will not receive all of the proceeds, then the wording must clearly reflect that Greater Matthews Habitat is not the sole beneficiary.


Any contact with the media must be coordinated with Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity. Generally, Habitat will not provide staff or volunteer support for third-party fundraisers. Habitat will not incur third-party expenses or provide any funds for third-party events. Greater Matthews Habitat cannot be held responsible for any injury, damages, losses, or legal disputes which occur during the proposed event.

We will call or email within 10 days of receieving your application. Once your application is approved, you will recieve signed agreement from GMHFH indicating if your event is approved or denied.


We believe in a future that’s built on a strong foundation.

Habitat was founded on the conviction that everyone should have a simple, decent, and affordable home to live in dignity and safety.

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