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Critical Home Repair

By providing affordable home repairs, our Critical Home Repair Program preserves homeownership for low-income residents while alleviating critical health and safety concerns. With our skilled construction staff, the assistance of outside vendors and contractors, and the enlisted help of volunteers, qualified homeowners can find help with a variety of interior and exterior repairs. Partnering homeowners are left with a new sense of pride and the ability to enjoy their homes for years to come.

Are you a contractor interested in a project with us? Please visit our Bid Room.

questions & answers

who qualifies for the Critical Home Repair program?

In order to potentially qualify for the Critical Home Repair Program with Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity, applicants must:

  • own a home, with the deed in his/her name, for at least one year

  • meet income guidelines

  • have homeowners insurance

  • pass credit check to ensure no property liens

  • have occupied home for at least one year and intend to remain in home for next five years

  • be current on property taxes or actively paying on a payment plan

  • be present during work and responsible for moving personal items

Program funds are limited to homes in the town of Matthews, Mint Hill, and the Mecklenburg County side of Stallings. They are on a first come, first-serve basis for qualified applicants. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

does submitting an application guarantee my acceptance into the program?

No, submitting an application is only the first step in the process. Our Critical Home Repair team will assess your needs and qualifications to determine whether we will be able to accept your application into our program. There are several steps in the Critical Home Repair process and Greater Matthews Habitat has the right to terminate your acceptance into the program at any point in that process.

how much will the program cost me?

If you meet the eligibility requirements NO payment will be needed for the critical home repair services.

can I apply if I don't live in Matthews?

Our Critical Home Repair Program is open to residents in Matthews, Mint Hill, and Stallings.

what repairs can be done?

Some Examples of Critical Home Repairs include (but not limited to):


  • Unsafe roof or flooring

  • Lack of heat

  • Electrical hazards

  • Plumbing hazards

  • Insect extermination

  • Accessibility modifications

what home repair issues does this program not address?

The program does not address:


  • Cosmetic repairs or painting

  • Window replacement (unless current windows are rotted or contain lead)

  • Bathroom renovations or remodels (unless for accessibility issues or as needed following plumbing repairs)

  • Replacing carpeting or flooring (unless for structural or safety hazard reason)

my house is in danger of being foreclosed on, can I still qualify?

No, homes must not be in danger of foreclosure.

I'm renting-can I apply to this program for my rental?

No, Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity Critical Repair Homes must be owner-occupied.

I have a home that has Critical Repair needs, but I am currently renting it out. Can I apply?

No, Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity Critical Repair Homes must be owner-occupied.

can I sell my home once it's been repaired?

Our Critical Home Repair program is meant to ensure limited-income homeowners can safely reside in their existing homes for the foreseeable future. If the home is sold within five years of the completed repair, the full cost of repairs must be repaid.

how do I apply?

Visit our Critical Home Repair application portal.

what if I have more questions?

Please contact Jeffrey Elam, Greater Matthews Habitat's Homeowner Services Manager by e-mail or phone at 704.847.4266 ext. 108.


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