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Women that Inspire

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Women Build is about empowering women and fostering the belief that the women in our lives can do anything she sets her mind to. During this year's Sandy Marano Memorial Women Build, we want to honor the every-day women in our community who inspire and impact our lives every day.

Is there an amazing woman in your life that deserves to know how important you think she is? Show her that she you think she is strong, funny, kind, and important to your life by making at least a $10 donation to Greater Matthews Habitat, and we will share her story on our social media. If you send us a picture of your honoree, we will share that too. We will also send a letter to her letting her know that you think she's super special (but never the amount of your gift!)

Habitat for Humanity has had a long tradition of writing inspirational messages to our future homeowners on the lumber used in the construction of their home, ensuring that our houses are in fact built with love. For this home, we want to write the names of all of the women who have inspired you, to symbolize that this home is built with the support of amazing women in our community.

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