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What is an Interfaith Build?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Interfaith & Community Build

In order to properly answer that question, we have to take a quick look at both of the words that make up the term "Interfaith Build".

Meriam Webster defines the term interfaith as "involving persons of different religious faiths". This is a simple definition for something that has the potential to mean so much more. Interfaith is not just about bringing people of different faith traditions together physically but is about working together towards a collective goal. According to the United Religions Initiative, interfaith is "...about understanding our significant differences, but also recognizing our similarities, and working together for peace, justice and healing in our world."

For most people, "build" obviously describes construction - but in Habitat world, build is a BIG term that encompasses the core of our work. Yes, at Habitat we build houses - houses that transform lives. We build economic mobility. We build better health. We build civic and social engagement.

So, what then, is an Interfaith Build? It is about working together to listen, to advocate, to invest, and to transform. It is all of us, coming together to put our faith into action, with the common goal of changing the life of one family in our community, by working alongside them to build the foundation for a solid future.

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