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We ARE Building Back

Updated: Apr 25

Update on Macky & Yvette's Home:

COVID-19 has presented many unique challenges in the construction of Macky & Yvette's home. At the end of March, for the health and safety of our volunteers, we decided it was not safe for them to work on the site. Instead, we had to utilize outside vendors for much of the work - dramatically increasing our construction costs.

But you knew how important it was to get Macky and Yvette and their children into a safe, decent home. Thanks to your support, we have been building back - we plan to complete construction on this house before the end of the month.

This home has been so monumental in so many ways. Its the 114th affordable home you've helped build in the Greater Matthews community. We are dedicating its construction to our dear friend and long-term volunteer, Walter Donham, who passed away last fall. Its our first ever two-story home. And it is a testament to the dedication of people like you, our supporters and our volunteers, who have ensured that COVID-19 will not stop our work of building a community where everyone has a decent and affordable place to call home.

But the work is not done. One in four families in Matthews is living somewhere that they cannot afford. Many of these families represent the front-line workers who are fulfilling essential duties in at-risk industries during this crisis. These are the individuals bagging groceries, delivering packages, preparing food and working in hospitals. We are needed now more than ever.

And now more than ever, we need you.

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