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The Rowland-Clay Home Restoration

Under our Home Preservation and Aging in Place Initiatives, we are set to commence work on the historic Rowland-Clay home, located in the Tank Town area of downtown Matthews. Constructed circa 1929, this home requires urgent attention to address several structural concerns, along with necessary accessibility enhancements to ensure the homeowner's health and safety. Through these efforts, we aim not only to preserve the home as a safe and affordable residence but also to maintain its status as a cherished historical landmark in our community.

Why the Rowland-Clay House Matters

The Rowland-Clay home was judged by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Landmark Commission as having historical significance based on three characteristics. The home is:

  • one of only four houses that remain to demonstrate the architecture of Tank Town, a rural community settled by freed slaves in the 1860’s

  • only one of the four Tank Town homes that is built in the Craftsman style, which demonstrates the strivings of rural African American workers in the first half century after emancipation

  • an important remnant of a rural community, and way of life, that no longer exists in Mecklenburg County

You can read more about the historical significance of the home here.

Our Plan for the House

Work will include repairing the roof and rafters, installing piers to support sagging sections of the house, adding an accessible shower, and repairing the drywall, floors, and crawl space. These repairs are crucial not only for the structural integrity and accessibility of the home but also for preserving its historical value.

Critical Home Repair Program

All repairs will be completed at no-cost to the homeowner through our Critical Home Repair Program, which works with limited-income homeowners to address essential repairs that will alleviate health and safety issues. Funding for this program is generously provided by the Town of Matthews, The Community Development Block Grant, Mecklenburg County, and individual Habitat supporters.


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