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Seeking Volunteers for Our Homeowner Selection Committee

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


The purpose of the Homeowner Selection Committee is to assist potential Partner Families through the application process and make recommendations of families for Habitat homes, as well as to approve families for homes.  The committee sets the tone for the relationship with Partner Families and helps to educate the public, Habitat Board members and other committees on the federal Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act, as they affect the work of Habitat for Humanity.

The Homeowner Selection Committee provides support for, interviews and documents contact with interested families.  Members are responsible for assessing the potential family's need for shelter, ability to pay, and willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity.  Members also educate potential families about Habitat for Humanity.  

Committee Members will possess knowledge of either the financial review or the home interview processes (though members are encouraged to cross-train). Homeowner Selection Committee meetings are held monthly, and regular attendance is required. The monthly meetings are the event at which the organization selects future Habitat Homeowners. The Homeowner Selection Committee is charged by the board to make these selection decisions. In addition, periodic trainings will be held at Homeowner Selection Committee meetings so that members can stay updated on legal requirements (including the Fair Housing Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and local, state and federal information), affiliate operations and activities, and informational updates.


  • Serve a one-year term, with a maximum of three consecutive terms

  • Attend a minimum of nine monthly meetings per year (year as defined by committee members start-date); meetings last from 1.5 - 3 hours

  • Attend relevant trainings (financial review, home interview, etc.)

  • Attend a minimum of one Homeowner Applicant Orientation per year


  • Attend monthly Homeowner Selection Meetings

  • Serve as either a home interviewer, financial reviewer, or both; attend relevant trainings for these positions

  • Make fair, legal, and compassionate selection decisions that honor families dreams, history, and realities

  • Act as an ambassador in the community for Habitat’s Homeowner Selection Committee

  • Select, with the rest of the committee, applicant families for Habitat homes

  • Participate in ongoing trainings in order to remain informed about legal issues (Fair Housing, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, etc.) surrounding Homeowner Selection

  • Volunteer for at least one Homeowner Orientation per year in order to remain informed about the application process, and program requirements


The Homeowner Selection Committee welcomes any member committed to helping homeowners continue the long-lasting legacy of Habitat for Humanity.  Members will have a desire to provide service to the community; have the ability to recognize, request support and/or avoid tasks beyond the limits of personal skills, training, and experience; possess a familiarity with the goals and methods of Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity (which can be accomplished through attendance at a Volunteer Orientation session); and show a willingness to follow the policies set forth by Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity.

Professional or personal experience in one or more of the following areas is also especially helpful:

  • Positive interpersonal communications skills

  • Eagerness to work with low-income families

  • Experience with human services or affordable housing

  • Knowledge or experience with the mortgage lending process or real estate

  • Organizational and committee management skills

  • Personal finance background and interest


  • Being personally rewarded by giving back to the community

  • Gaining opportunities to network, meet new friends, and establish professional contacts and references

  • Learning and practicing skills related to meeting participation, cross-cultural communication, and community support

  • Getting a chance to work on both individual and group projects

  • Seeing direct results of hard work and dedication

  • Attending Homeowner Selection training and other workshops as available

TO APPLY PLEASE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING: Send updated Resume and a completed application to or mail to PO Box 2008, Matthews, NC 28105. Applications are being submitted April 1st-April 30th.

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