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Now We Are Home.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Macky and his family have been waiting for this home for a long time. He even worried that, with everything going on in the world right now, it still wouldn't happen. "I've been coming here every Saturday, during this pandemic time, watching this house, and I say to myself, 'God, I am not going to die, I am going to live in this house".

This house, that Macky, patiently watched the construction of during a time of uncertainty, is special for so many reasons. It is the very first two-story home we have ever constructed, and we had to halt progress on it for several weeks this spring due to the pandemic. This home also serves as a memorial for a dedicated volunteer, Walt Donham, who volunteered with us for more than thirty years before passing away last September.

After long last, Macky and his family closed on their home at the end of June this year, and we celebrated their hard work and the commitment of our Community Partners this past Saturday with a virtual Home Dedication. "Today I am very proud", he said. "I want to thank my Pastor, because he was the one who told me about Greater Matthews Habitat, and to everyone who worked on this house."

While we were unable to have everyone physically together for the dedication due to COVID-19, we tried to overcome that barrier using technology to bring together all those who generously shared their time and their talents to bring Macky, Yvette, and their children home. Our President & CEO shared this sentiment during the ceremony. "Know that you and your family are loved by a much larger community, and that you are guided by something much greater than yourself".

If you missed the dedication while it was live, you can still watch the recording on our Facebook page. You can also view a tour of the inside of the home.

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