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Now more than ever, home is the key to hope beyond measure

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The uncertainty so many of us feel today, far too many families have felt for a lifetime — if not generations.

When any disaster hits — a storm, a disease, a financial crisis — it is always those who struggle most who suddenly find themselves struggling even more. Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity knows that home is the key to freeing these families from financial instability, from stress and from impossible choices between essential needs. And we know that you will be the key to helping our neighbors and our community build back.

Take for example, Barbra and Kaleb, who searched four years for an affordable home with enough space for them and their two children, 13-year-old Donavan and 6-year-old Aalayah. Barbra, a housekeeper at a senior living facility, and Kaleb, an HVAC specialist, considered moving out of state and away from their extended family just to find a home that the couple could afford. But they didn’t want to uproot their children or force them to move schools. Luckily, Barbara heard about Habitat and the family was approved for the program.

Now that they’re moved in, the family has seen firsthand the sense of stability that homeownership provides. “It enables us to envision a future with the kids. They’re happy here. They have their own rooms,” says Kaleb. “They’re not moving around. They don’t have to worry about what happens if our rent goes up and we have to move.”

Now the family can enjoy raising their children in the community they love surrounded by support — precious moments together with extended family that Donavan and Aalayah will carry forward with them.


Each April, Habitat for Humanity International launches their signature Home is the Key campaign to remind us all of the importance of home and draws on the strength and support of you — our tremendous Habitat community — to anticipate the time when, together, we can help even more families know the strong foundation that a Habitat home can provide.

Story adapted from Habitat International

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