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How you can help your employer help Habitat

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Many companies not only encourage their employees to give to and volunteer time to nonprofits in their communities, but also will match those efforts with dollars and other means of support. Most of the time though, these types of donations need to be initiated by the employee, and many don't even know that their employers offer this type of program. Here are some ways to get your company behind your passion for Habitat, and take your impact even further:

Matching Gifts

If you're already giving to Habitat (THANK YOU!), your employer may be able to make your donation go even further. Many, many corporations offer matching gifts. Most will match your gift dollar for dollar, but some employers will double or even triple the match. But it's up to you to submit a matching gift request. Find out if your employer offers a match.

Matching Volunteer Hours

Even less well known than matching monetary gifts is matching volunteer hours. Sometimes called "dollars for doers", many companies will offer a donation match to their employees’ or retirees' volunteer time with a local organization. Just like with matching gifts, it is up to you to submit the matching volunteer hours request. You can see if your employer offers a volunteer match on our site, but also check with your Human Resources or Corporate Social Responsibility department to find out if your company matches volunteer hours.

Automatic Payroll Deductions

If your employer doesn't offer automatic donations through payroll deductions - encourage them to do so! It helps to create a culture of giving, makes donating easy for you, and requires reduced administrative costs on our part.

Become a Partner

Is your employer looking for a team-building opportunity or a chance to give back to our local community? Consider joining us as a Community Partner! Corporations in the Matthews and Charlotte area are vital partners in our work to build change and create prosperous neighborhoods.

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