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25 Years and Counting

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Sondra knows what it's like to be patient - she purchased her home 25 years ago, and every month since then, has made her mortgage payment. She knows that having a home she can afford is a blessing, especially after being in her home for so long.

Even when Sondra found herself in some difficult situations, like when the motor on her air conditioner was stolen, she knew she could weather through. Sondra's on a limited-budget, so she had a friend make a few "repairs" to her unit, and that helped for a little while - but eventually it filled with water and stopped working entirely.

Then, Sondra saw an ad for our Critical Home Repair program and reached out to her our Homeowner services Coordinator, Jeffrey. He encouraged her to apply for both her air conditioning unit and her roof, which was beginning to leak and needed replaced. Unfortunately though, our program had run out of funding for the year she first applied.

But the following funding year, Jeffrey reached out to Sondra and encouraged her to apply again. "The first time I got denied" Sondra explains, "and he [Jeffrey] said, Sondra, we have more funds available so redo your application and we will see if we can't get you approved".

Because of additional support for our Critical Home Repair Program, Sondra has both her roof and her air conditioner newly replaced and she hopes to stay in her home another 25 years. “Habitat, they came and made everything so much greater…I tell everybody I love Habitat. If it wasn’t for Habitat, I don’t know where I’d be, and I thank God every day for my house."

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