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The 2023 Impact Report

We offer a way for families to own or remain in their homes and focus on the things that matter - like education, health, and family.

Our Mission

Seeking to put God’s love into action, 

Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

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Our Vision

A world where everyone has a decent place to live. 

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A Note from Our CEO

Dear friends,

As the housing and homelessness crisis deepens and threatens to crater an already strained system, Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity remains steadfast in our commitment to ensuring access to safe, affordable homes. Our resolute belief that housing is a gateway to life-changing possibilities grounds our mission and inspires us to reach further. Our work and our partnerships, with your support, open doors to new possibilities and new realities. What starts with decent, affordable shelter has boundless potential.

Your generosity sustains our work and enables us to lead the charge for long-term housing solutions that uplift the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors and improve the quality of life for all in our communities. This year, your contributions paved the way for Lissa and her family to move from their overcrowded living situations into a home they can call their own. Through our Critical Home Repair program, homeowners like Michael and Janet, who endured the winter without heat, now find warmth in their home and hearts.

But we can do more - together. Our history in Matthews speaks of a singular dedication to building homes and hope. Yet, the evolving landscape of the Charlotte-Metro area urges us to adapt and dream bigger. I hope you will continue your commitment to building a community where everyone has a decent place to live as we embark on our first-ever duplex home and new "Rock the Block" program.

In closing, let me echo our homeowner Lissa's heartfelt sentiment, a sentiment shared by many of our partner homeowners: "It's mine." That sense of belonging, of ownership, of pride - it's a gift beyond measure. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for making that gift possible.

Natisha Rivera-Patrick

President & CEO

This fiscal year

empowering families

Strength and self-reliance are made possible when a family has a decent, stable place to call home.

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home sold

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paid in full

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affordable mortgages

in service

supporting communities

Healthy, safe homes are vital to strong neighborhoods. Greater Matthews Habitat performs critical home repairs so that existing homeowners can live in dignity and security, empowering them to raise their families in good health, remain in their homes, and age in place. 

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total individuals served


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senior households aged 62 or older served

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serving our neighbors

Greater Matthews Habitat volunteers get almost as much as they give. Learning new skills, making new friends, and changing futures for local families is an empowering experience. The best part? Our volunteers empower us to provide the opportunity for stability and self-reliance to our homewoners.

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volunteer hours


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By shopping, donating, and volunteering at the ReStore, you are helping local families in need of safe, stable housing achieve their dreams of homeownership. 

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tons of usable material was diverted from landfills

creating connection

By working together, we build homes, communities, and hope that will last for generations in the Greater Matthews community.

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individual donors


FY23 funding sources

49% ReStore profits

3% individual donors

25% home sale

8% grants/foundations

3% corporate & faith partners

1% events

6% government

6% other

Homeownership is a joy.


Holland and Lissa, seated side by side, share a laugh as they reminisce about how they met. "I had just moved to the area… and I think we had both been praying for the same thing as far as like a friend," Holland explained. "I definitely felt like I didn't have any friends and she was praying for one, and it just so happened we ran into each other."

Over the past six years, the two friends have shared countless experiences, big and small. And now, they are sharing the journey of becoming Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity homeowners. Last spring, Lissa completed the homeownership program and closed on her home. This spring, Holland will join her.

Before purchasing her GMHFH home, Lissa and her two children borrowed space in her aunt’s 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath home, where they lived with four other people. “We used the house like our own little apartments,” she explained. Her daughter would sleep with Lissa’s mom, and her son would share the den area with his cousin. Lissa would sleep on the couch or the floor, depending on the available space.

But everything changed for Lissa and her family in April when she closed on her own home. She sighs in relief as she describes the positive changes. “That freedom, I tell you that freedom that I missed – the kids having their own space, being able to cook whenever I want to….I love it, the kids love it.”

Thank you, community.

Michael and Janet have lived in their Matthews home for over 28 years. But for the past two of those years, they couldn’t enjoy the warmth of it due to an issue with their HVAC system. They had installed the system when they first bought their home, but recently, it had been leaking freon to the point of being almost unusable. Heating and air services informed them that the only option was to replace the entire system.

The couple was living on a fixed income and could not afford to replace it. There simply was no room for emergency expenses, such as a new HVAC system. Living without heat was difficult for them, but they felt like it was their only choice. One day, they received a flyer about the Greater Matthews Habitat Critical Home Repair program in their mail. The program addressed health and safety issues for homeowners in the community and provided funding for HVAC repair or replacement at no charge for qualified households.

Michael and Janet quickly applied and completed a home visit, where they were informed that their repair needs met the program requirements. “It was a snap!” Michael exclaimed. Once approved, the program coordinated with local HVAC companies to install a new unit for the couple. After just two months of applying to the program, Michael and Janet now sit in the warm comfort of their home. “How can your life change – I mean literally? One day, you have no heating and air, or you’re sitting and there’s cold air coming out of your heater thing. And your heat bills are outrageous because apparently its an old, old system. Then the next day, it all changes,” says Janet.

The Habitat program not only provided Michael and Janet with a new HVAC system but also gave them something priceless – a sense of community. “Not at any time did anyone make me feel like this wasn’t normal, or any less than. Actually, in the big picture, it’s like I’m a bigger part of the community,” Janet adds. “Thank you community. Thank you for Mecklenburg (county). Thank you for Habitat.”

Looking forward: growing our impact.


Historically, our work has been centered around the construction of new, one-story, single-family homes within the Matthews town limits. However, we’ve been cognizant for some time that, due to the housing boom and the growth of the Charlotte-Metro area, our initial strategy was unsustainable and needed adjustments. In 2019, we introduced the Critical Home Repair program, and since its inception, we’ve witnessed a rising demand for this service in our community. In the first year, we managed to repair five homes. By FY23, that number grew to 22. Beyond just the volume of repairs, we’ve also addressed more extensive repair needs, which surpass the average cost and scope of our conventional repair projects. Our recent collaborations with the Town of Mint Hill and Mecklenburg County make us optimistic about the continued growth of this program in the coming years.

This fall marks a significant milestone for us as we commence the construction of our first-ever multi-family residence—a duplex. With space becoming a premium in our service area, we are excited about this new venture which will enable us to serve more families through our affordable homeownership program. In FY25, we’re planning to build another duplex, allowing us to house four families in an area where traditionally only two would reside. Such diversification in our construction approach amplifies our impact, enabling us to help even more families.  

We also introduced a new program, “Rock the Block”, with the goal of serving even more members of our community. Our first event was held on Saturday, September 23rd with over 40 volunteers from businesses, faith partners, and community groups helping with landscaping and essential exterior maintenance for homes in the Rainbow Ridge community. This volunteer-driven endeavor emphasizes community restoration and preservation to foster vibrant, well-maintained neighborhoods. Repairs were completed at no-cost to residents and we look forward to making this a regular part of our programming.

As we reflect on our journey and the changes we’ve implemented, it’s evident that adaptability and a responsive approach are crucial to addressing the evolving needs of our community. We remain committed to our core mission of providing affordable housing, and with these new initiatives, we’re optimistic about the expanded impact we can have. Our community’s support has been invaluable, and together, we look forward to shaping a future where every family has a place to call home.

Together, we're transforming lives.

At Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity, we build because we believe that everyone, everywhere should have a healthy, affordable place to call home. As long as individuals like you share our vision of a world where everyone has a quality home, we remain undeterred by any obstacles we encounter, whether they arise today or down the road. Habitat embraces a comprehensive approach to housing, and there are numerous avenues through which you can support our mission to further strengthen our community. Whether you make a financial gift or donate your time, when you partner with Habitat for Humanity, you’re building a strong foundation for families in Matthews, Mint Hill, and Stallings. 

Give Dollars

We depend on the kindness of our supporters. Each donation, whether big or small, is combined with grants, contributed materials, and volunteer efforts to contribute to the construction of affordable houses and the execution of essential repairs.

When you donate your excess household goods, building materials, and overstock to the ReStore, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing the proceeds of your donations helped support local families. But ReStore items are not the only way to donate goods - car donations, land donations, and gifts of building materials all have a big impact on the lives of those we serve. 

Give Goods

Give Connection

We believe in developing mutually beneficial partnerships with companies interested in supporting affordable homeownership opportunities committed to crafting a partnership that aligns with your corporate social purpose and business objectives. Your team can rally around a cause that impacts them and their families, and, by working together, we build homes, communities, and hope that will last for generations in the Greater Matthews community.

People are the key at Habitat. No matter your passion, skillset, or level of experience, we have a place for you. You can work on the construction site, in the ReStore, help as part of our administrative team, or volunteer to provide lunches for our build days.

Give Time

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