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pre-application acknowledgments

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Before accessing the application, please ensure you meet the criteria for our program by reading the guidelines below. Submission of your application is an acknowledgment that you have read the criteria and believe that you fall within the stated parameters. 

Applicants must have a need for housing and meet one (1) of the following:

  • living in overcrowded housing

  • living in substandard housing

  • being a resident of public housing

  • paying more than 30% of gross income on rent

  • unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage (credit score of 650 or below)

Applicants' total gross income* must fall within the GMHFH Minimum Income of $45,000 up to 80% of HUD Median Income Guidelines.

The range is based on the number of people living in the home. We will consider all sources of documented income from each applicant and co-applicant (including SSI, Social Security, Disability, Retirement, and court-ordered child support)

*Income calculations are before taxes are withheld.

Credit evaluations are not based on credit score but are based on satisfactory credit history. At the time of the application, applicants must have less than:

  • $1,200 in delinquent debts (must be paid off before closing)

  • $10,000 in medical debt

In addition to meeting income requirements, applicants' income must be sufficient enough to afford our lowest monthly mortgage payment** which cannot exceed 30% of your calculated income; while your monthly debt plus our lowest monthly mortgage cannot exceed 43% of your calculated income

**lowest monthly mortgage payment is based on household size

Applicants are required to be permanent legal U.S. residents

Applicants must have lived or worked in Matthews, Mint Hill, or Stallings for the past 12 months

Applicants are required to have 1 full year of good rental history within the last 18 months (paying rent on time each month, name on the lease, and living independently)

Employed applicants must have 2 full consecutive years of work history (with at least 1 year at your current job)

Approved applicants must be willing to participate in a minimum of 150 volunteer HIP-hours

Disclaimer: These criteria are subject to change without notice

Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity will be accepting homeownership applications January 22nd-February 5th only.

Applications can be completed online, by downloading and mailing a paper copy, or by picking up a paper application from our office during the application period. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. Applications sent through the mail must be postmarked by Friday, February 5th, and include a $25 money order. 

Questions? Please reach out to our Homeowner Services Manager, Jeffrey Elam.

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