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Happy Birthday, Habitat!

Updated: Apr 25

It's our birthday! Today marks our 32nd year of building strength, stability, and self-reliance in the Greater Matthews community.

Since our incorporation in 1989, we've experienced tremendous growth as an organization - but we can also proudly say that we've remained connected with our roots and maintained relationships with many of the people and the groups that have been with us since almost the beginning. Several members of our Board of Directors belong to St. Stephen United Methodist Church, who, along with Sardis Presbyterian Church, worked together to build the very first Greater Matthews Habitat home. This partnership helped lay the foundation of our organization today, and we are glad to have that history to help guide the strategic choices we make for our future.

We also have a member of our founding Board of Directors currently sitting on our Homeowner Selection Committee. As we begin the process of selecting our first new GMHFH family for the first time in four years, it seems only fitting to have both our past and our present once again coming together.

Perhaps it is something about Habitat and the nature of the work that we do, building long-term stability for families , that inspires such dedication and commitment from you all: our volunteers, donors, and partners and allows us to successfully grow and adapt to the needs of today while still honoring our connections to the past.

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